Do you have a favorite book, movie, anime, sport [insert topic here] ? Then why don’t we do a VoK podcast on it :D.

VoK is a listener run podcast, anyone can record and submit a podcast (Submission Guidelines). Then VoK curators will help you publish it.

Have a look at our topic list. If anything peaks your interest, leave your contact info. If you haven’t found anything interesting, then add one, maybe you’ll find other with similar interest. No subject is too niche for VoK.

Untill APOIAF’s forums are up and running. Use VoK’s twitter (@vokpodcast or #vok) and facebook to help organize podcasts.

Atm a podcast on Pacfic Rim, Mad Men Season 1 and Martin’s Dying of Light are in the works.


2 responses to “I WANT YOU…

  1. Hey All,

    Love the Podcast. While listening to your Pacific Rim episode I got to thinking about Planetary (as well as ROBOTECHhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUk_2JebvrA and The Movie Monster Game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbuxe4MRxEU [ I am very old 😦 ] ).
    I wondered if there were any other fans of Planetary interested in talking about it?


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