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VoK 362 – Talking Targaryens Part Tres

targcastlargerWelcome to the third instalment of our Talking Targaryens series and the reason why many of the participants have been sporting the same forum picture. The now actually annual podcast will cover the World of Ice and Fire book’s Targaryen section from Baelor first of his name to Daeron the second. Our cast is comprised of Patrick the Conqueror, Hannah the Blessed, Nadia the Cruel, Adam the Unworthy, Tanja the Good and Paul the Small.

The Hosts:
Paul (Ser Dinner Roll)
Patrick (Ser Patrick the Tall)
Adam (drownedsnow)
Tanja (scilens)
Hannah (shadowbaby)

Baelon the 1st : 0:02:56

Viserys 2nd : 0:48:17

Aegon the 4th: 1:16:41

Daeron 2nd: 1:47:52

Aftershow : 2:14:10

Patrick (The Tall) – Editor

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VoK 354: Full Cast(le) Recording #12 – A Thorny Proposition

Image result for queen of thorns cheese

The Vassals of Kingsgrave cordially invite you to join us in the Maidenvault for an entirely sincere and not at all conspiratorial soirée. Partake in cheeses and secrets as we perform Sansa I of A Storm of Swords in this very belated Full Castle Recording.

The following FCR was recorded in August 2014. Headphones are recommended.

The Cast:
Greg (claudiusthefool) – Narrator
Michal (inkasrain) – Olenna Tyrell, “The Queen of Thorns”
Amber (amberrocks) – Sansa Stark
Elena (Lady_Grey) – Margaery Tyrell
Leigh (LordManderBlee) – Loras Tyrell
Seif (reg roone) – Butterbumps
Katie (Lady Griffin) – Alerie Tyrell / Cheese Boy

The Crew:
Edited by Seif and Katie

Music Credits:

“Lute Music” by Paul O’Dette

“Market” from Ocarina of Time Cover by Shinainaru

“The Bear and the Maiden Fair” Cover by Irish Moutarde

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VoK 353: Full Cast(le) Recording #11 – The Hedge Knight Part 1


A tourney has been called and you have been invited to listen to several of our brave vassals try their hand at an FCR of George RR Martin’s The Hedge Knight. Afterward, feel free to mill about the tourney grounds to hear some good talk about the Dunk and Egg series, mocking George Lucas, and outtakes.

The Cast:
Paul (Ser Dinner Roll) – Narrator
Patrick (Ser Patrick the Tall) – Ser Duncan the Tall
Michal (inkasrain) – Egg
Greg (claudiusthefool) – Baelor Breakspear
Zach (Alias) – The Voice of Ser Arlan, Ser Steffon Fossoway, and Lord Ashford
Matt (Varley) – Daeron the Drunkard and Ser Donnel of Duskendale
Adam (drownedsnow) – Steely Pate and Ser Roland Crakehall
Tanja (scilens) – Guard Captain, Master of Horse, and Prince Maekar
Alex (Luckycharms) –Plummer the Steward and Ser Manfred Dondarrion
Casey (blue-eyed-queen) – Tanselle Too-Tall and Stableboy
Hannah (shadowbaby) – Raymun Fossoway and the Dornish Puppeteer
Dan (witless chum) – Aerion Targaryen
Amber (amberrocks) – The Innkeeper

The Crew:
Paul (Ser Dinner Roll) – Editor

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VoK 321: Full Cast(le) Recording #10 – Clean Hands and Rotten Onions


The shadows come to dance… and the vassals set sail once more for the stormy waters of the Full Cast(le) Recording. Join them for a special performance of “Davos II” from George R. R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings.

And hang out by the portcullis afterwards for an in-depth discussion on Westerosi rap battles, Baratheon sibling rivalries, and raising shadow babies. Cost of entry – 1 onion.

2:28 – Chapter Reading
39:39 – Chapter Discussion
1:19:36 – Aftershow

The Cast:
Duncan (Valkyrist) – Narrator
Drew (Wargasm) – Davos Seaworth
Greg (claudiusthefool) – Stannis Baratheon
Brett (White Raven) – Cortnay Penrose
Hannah (shadow_ baby) – Melisandre of Asshai
Zach (Alias) – Alester Florent / Lord Estermont
Tanja (Scilens) – Bryce Caron
Matt (Varley) – Guyard Morrigen
Adam (drownedsnow) – Jon Fossoway
Amber (Amberrocks) – Devan Seaworth

The Crew:
Duncan (Valkyrist) – Editor

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VoK 200: The Dance of the Vassals II


To celebrate their 200th podcast, the curators of VOK don their tokars, pack a crate of honeyed locusts, and take a trip down to the fighting pits of Meereen. Join Duncan (Valkyrist), Michal (inkasrain), Greg (claudiusthefool), Zach (alias), and Katie (Lady Griffin) for one-night only performance of Daenerys IX from George R. R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons.

And stick around backstage for a discussion of the chapter, as well as some general Aftershow tomfoolery.

Warning: Contains spoilers for all published books in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire

02:36 – Full Cast(le) Recording #9: One to Dread
36:43 – Daenerys IX (ADWD) Chapter Discussion
1:20:19 – Aftershow
2:08:14 – ???

Edited by Valkyrist

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The Meereenese Blot

VoK 139: Full Cast(le) Recording #8 – The Abridged Princess Bride


The Vassals perform extracts from the beloved spoof fairytale movie, The Princess Bride, using incidental music from Mark Knopfler’s classic eighties score. The table reading ends c50m in, whence follows an aftershow containing a spirited defence of Rocky.

The Cast:
Michal (inkasrain) – Narrator, Princess Buttercup & Miracle Max
Zach (Alias) – The Man In Black
Amber (Amberrocks) – Humperdinck & The Kid
Duncan (Valkyrist) – Grandpa, Yellin & Vizzini
Bina007 – The Impressive Clergyman, Mother, Valerie & Inigo
Shane (EastTexasDirewolf) – Fezzik & Rugen

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VoK 137: Full Cast(le) Recording #7 – The Motherf**king Queensmoot


What is dead may never die… After an interminable scheduling process, and an even lengthier edit, the fabled “Queensmoot” chapter reading finally emerges from the Darkling Depths. Eleven salty vassals wade onto the shores of Pyke to claim their crowns, and perform “The Drowned Man” from George R. R. Martin’s A Feast for Crows.

And stick around afterwards for an in-depth discussion on Greyjoy psychology, Ironborn culture and Victarion’s ill-fated foray into nature documentaries.

2:27 – Chapter Reading
39:32 – Chapter Discussion
1:26:53 – Aftershow

The Cast:
Michal (inkasrain) – Narrator
Brooke (Asha Greatjoy) – Aeron Greyjoy
Dan (witless chum) – A Drowned Man / Meldred Merlyn / Baelor Blacktyde
Zach (Alias) – The Drowned God / Eric Ironmaker / Harmund Sharp
John (BarrelRoll42) – Rus / Red Oarsman / Ralf Stoneshouse
Seif (reg roone) – A Drowned Man / Ralf the Limper / Sexual-Harassment Kraken / Euron Greyjoy
Leigh (LordManderBlee) – Gylbert Farwynd / Lucas Codd
Peter (Shellfish) – Victarion Greyjoy
Paul (Pod’s Plight) – Dunstan Drumm
Elena (Lady_Grey) – Asha Greyjoy
Greg (claudiusthefool) – Rodrik Harlaw / Qarl the Maid

The Crew:
Michal (inkasrain) – Host
Duncan (Valkyrist) – Editor

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