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VoK 432: The O. J. Simpson Murder Case


With slightly quixotic timing, Bina007 and Julia/NoTrueLady discuss their reactions to the 1995 criminal trial of OJ Simpson for the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.  We also discuss the recent TV series American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson and the Oscar winning documentary OJ: Made In America.

Music credit – The People vs OJ Simpson

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VoK 339: Tales from the Darkling Plain (aka The Lost VOKs)


In this Halloween spooktacular, Valkyrist ventures into the Darkling Plain in search of lost podcast recordings, and summons the ghosts of Kingsgrave’s past.

Clips have been selected from the following unpublished VOK podcasts:

02:10 – DragonCast S04E09 Review
24:20 – SoccerCast (Vol.2)
47:49 – CockneyMoot 2014 FCR Outtakes
50:41 – ASOIAF Future Predictions
1:13:44 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Preview
1:38:23 – Mockingjay: Part 1 Review
1:44:50 – WolfCast S05E10 Review
2:02:09 – SeattleMoot 2015
2:22:32 – APOIAF April Fools’ Aftershow
2:39:49 – Kingsgrave Jukebox

Disclaimer: This podcast contains spoilers for A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and The Hunger Games. Please consult the timestamps above to avoid being spoiled for any of these titles.

Curated by Valkyrist
Songs by jed o’white hart, Aiwendil, Bina007, and Amberrocks

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VoK 131: CricketCast (Vol.1) aka “The Bowler’s Holding the Batsmen’s Manwoody!”


In the first ever CricketCast, the Vassals discuss everything from Test Matches to T20 – spot-fixing to Bodyline – and recreate the Tourney of the Hand from Game of Thrones as commentated on by the Test Match Special team. And special bonus geek-cred to the first commenter who guesses the origin of this episode’s sub-title!

Podcasters: BrumRiverlander (Kelvin); Bina007; VKalra23 (Vidur); MadScientist22 (Surya); Jed O’White Hart (Jed); the Podcast Umpire aka Teddard (Eddie); and our guest ‘Murcan Mordion (Michael).

Editor: VKalra23.

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VoK 69: SoccerCast (Vol.1)


Bina007 is joined by Linecom1, Lordmanderblee, and Pod’s Plight from the APOIAF forums to discuss the World Cup, British Snobbery, the English Premier League, and the EPL to Westeros Converter.

Edited by Linecom1

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