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VOK 452 – Krakencast! – The Great Linear ASOIAF Reread Episode 61


In this episode Bina007 has an audio reunion with some of the Krakens she met during her recent trip to Australia for the Ashes. Michael/Khal Wadege covers the Prologue from A Feast For Crows; Duncan/Valkyrist covers Brienne 1 from A Feast For Crows; and podcast newbie Leigh/ChaoticNeutral1882 covers the final Tyrion chapter – Tyrion 11 – from A Storm Of Swords. The gang are also joined by the Western Australians Sarah/Lady Weaver and Dana/Taindana.

Beware! This podcast is dark and full of spoilers for all published works in the A Song Of Ice and Fire series including very briefly TWOW preview chapters. It does not spoil the show.

Music – Alpine Universe
Artwork – At The Gates by J C Barquet

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